Simple and easy to use
We are constantly striving to design software that is more friendly and more easy to use. It can be said that the biggest feature of AMT Dongle is that you don't need many years of professional technology to use it quickly. Using AMT is as simple as "1-2-3" - whether you are in the mobile phone maintenance industry for the first time or you are already an industry veteran. Just buy the dongle from our nearest representatives and start working.
Powerful of features
The AMT Dongle has a series of powerful functions, which are mainly developed for the mobile phone obtain evidence market and mobile phone maintenance market. The main functions of AMT including: Disable/Enable Screenlock,Reset FRP, Read/Reset/Backup/Restore Screenlocks, Factory Reset, Read/Browse Userdata (Contacts/SMS/Calls/Media files/Third-party APP), Read/Erase/Write Partition, Read Information and other related functions.

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Reseller network
Need to talk to local professionals before purchase our products? Need to purchase products without currency barriess? Need to be able to recharge or purchase products anytime and anywhere? Then you can contact our official reseller. They will help you understand our products more conveniently and provide good recharge or purchase services.
Professional support
Our support team is ready to help you with any questions or suggests you may have. If you have any problems or suggests for AMT, please contact us on service time. Or you can try find the answer of problems from "AMT Help Center" page on anytime!
Updates & Changelog
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About Android Multi Tool
Android Multi Tool (AMT) is a professional smartphone software maintenance equipment, mainly for the mobile phone obtain evidence market and mobile phone maintenance market. Located in the relevant government departments, mobile phone repair shops and end users. We want to build an easy-to-use product and provide unprecedented after-sales service. From the beginning, AMT was designed to be easy to operate without requiring any user expertise. Most of the functions in the product are automated -- you just need to press the button according to the prompt to let AMT software do the hard work for you. nevertheless, if you get stuck somewhere while using the software, you don't have to worry, because our support team is ready to answer your questions, to help you solve problems in a short time.
The AMT Team
Every member of the team is deeply aware of the importance of "Data is priceless". Over the years, we have focused on the development of userdata only, rather than trying to make the product look "powerful". With our enthusiastic, dedicated team and many years of valuable experience, we have the ability to make AMT become a leading product and bring greater help to users, that's our ultimate goal.